Nu Jerzey Twork Reveals Why He Beat Up Norbes In New Instagram Live Video.

Nu Jersey Twork finally explained the details into why he beat up Norbes in a 10 minute video. Nu Jerzey Twork went into detail about Norbes asking his baby mama to send him pictures herself in lingerie.

Nu Jerzey Twork starts the explanation around the 1 minute mark of the video.

The revelation is shocking, because him and Norbes were apparently very close friends. They were so close Nu Jerzey Twork was ignoring signs of Norbes trying to hook up with his baby mama for months.

It just goes to show that you’re closest friends can be your biggest enemies sometimes. Norbes was a guy that helped Nu Jerzey Twork elevate his career, only to try and take his girl years later.

You can see the actual altercation that took place between Norbes and Nu Jerzey Twork here.

Author: JordanThrilla

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