Rockets P.J. Tucker Listens to Eminem On Instagram Live While Answering If He Likes Playing Small Ball.

PJ Tucker was playing an Eminem song on IG Live, while a fan asked him “Do you like playing small ball”. Based on his answer, it seems P.J. Tucker doesn’t like the small ball situation in Houston, and we’ll explain why.

First take look at PJ Tucker answering the question about small ball.

Based on the video, it seems PJ Tucker was saying things he really didn’t want to say, just to be politically correct. There was no confidence in his answer, however there was a whole lot of uncertainty.

Before the NBA season shut down, Rockets looked worse than they did at any point of the season. Teams with height and length were destroying them easily, and they were losing games by double digits. It was clear the small ball idea of PJ Tucker playing center was starting to implode on the Rockets.

PJ Tucker sounds like he doesn’t like playing small ball, but is hoping that it ends up working for the Rockets. In reality the Rockets have no chance of going far in the playoffs playing that style, especially without Chris Paul around.

One thing we know for sure is the P.J. Tucker is an Eminem fan.

Author: JordanThrilla

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