Parents at Indiana High School Fed Up with Transgenderism Being Forced on their Kids Go on Angry Rant, calling it “Ungodly” and “Toxic”.

Parents at an Indiana High School fed up with transgender rules for public bathrooms, went on a rant encouraging parents to pull their kids out of public schools. The parents call the public school position on their being more than two genders “ungodly” and “toxic”.

The issue of gender has been a controversial topic in recent times. In 2016 Indiana passed a law that would fine up to $1,000 or up to a year in prison if transgenders were caught using a bathroom that didn’t match their natural born gender. However, in 2018 federal lawmakers made Indiana School districts allow transgenders to use the bathroom of the gender they personally identify with.

Parents in the video above, feel that the ruling by federal lawmakers is transgenderism being forced upon public schools and their kids. While the definition of gender will always be different depending on who you talk to and their person beliefs, we can all agree that at the moment it will always be a topic of controversial discussions, especially in the political spectrum.

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