Dozens of People gathered and protested outside Area 51 Gate Entrance chanting “Clap them Cheeks”, holding “Clap Alien Cheeks” and “Predator or Prey” signs, to the heavily armed security guards securing the area. Storm Area 51 raid, is officially underway, in other words. The plan that started on Social media and went viral, is coming to fruition.

A lot of people were wondering if anyone would actually have the guts, to show to the heavily guarded Area 51 entrance. The US Government warned that they would use force if worst came to worst. However this didn’t deter the first wave of people that showed up to Area 51 to make a statement. Story is still developing.

#StormArea51 #Area51Raid #Clapthemcheeks #ClapAlienCheeks #PredatororPrey