People in Newark NJ Hood Refuse to Go On Coronavirus Lockdown and Start Dancing in Front of Police in Viral Video.

People in a Newark, New Jersey neighborhood refused to clear the streets when police officers arrived to enforce a coronavirus lockdown. The Newark NJ hood residents then starting taunting the police by dancing and singing their hood anthem. The media has made some people very scared of the coronavirus, but people in this Newark New Jersey neighborhood are not buying it.

The police didn’t get aggressive, and instead remained calm while the people in the Newark neighborhood taunted them. When you’re growing up in the hood, the funnest times of your life are when you are able to hang outside with your friends, due to the poor living conditions some people in the hood have to experience inside their homes.

Some people will watch the video and think the people defying the cops orders are crazy for not going inside. However, when you think about the history of Newark NJ hoods, you can see why the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t strike a single a bit of fear into those people.

Hopefully the situation doesn’t escalate further than what we see in the video. Let’s hope the cops and people in the Newark NJ hood all stay healthy.

Author: JordanThrilla