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People Reacting to Chris Brown Being on a Song Called “She Bumped Her Head” on Slime & B Goes Viral

People reacting to Chris Brown being on a song called “She Bumped her Head” has gone viral. On his new Slime & B mixtape with Young Thug people were shocked to see Chris Brown “She Bumped her Head” on the tracklist. This led to a series of viral reactions to the Chris Brown She Bumped her head track name on twitter and social media. People were concerned given Chris Brown’s history of domestic violence towards Rihanna.

People are concerned for two reason for the most part. The first reason being that Chris Brown’s name being on a track called “She Bumped her Head” could be viewed as him clowning the Rihanna domestic violence situation. The second reason is people are wondering if Chris Brown has simply lost all sense of awareness.

Chris Brown making a song called “She Bumped her Head” on Slime & B might be the worst music decision of 2020 so far.

Author: JordanThrilla

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