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Phonte of Little Brother DISSES & CLOWNS Drake fan who says he sounds & raps like DRAKE on Twitter

Sometimes it takes a wake up call on Social Media, to realize not everyone wants to sound like Drake. That's what happened to a Drake fan on Twitter, who decided to make it know that he thought Phonte from Little Brother sounded like he rapped a lot like Drake.

Phonte caught wind of the tweet, and responded back with a line we have all heard at least once in life. A line that is technically a bit cliche, but still effective at making someone really angry. Phonte responded with the "Lol. Kids say the darndest things" message.

Here are some of the reactions from shocked Phonte fans:

As you can see Phonte fans felt the same way he did about the comment. Phonte would actually be considered the mentor to Drake in this case. He is one of the people that paved the way for artists like Drake. So, in this case the Drake fan had it wrong, It would be Drake that sounds a lot like Phonte from Little Brother.

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