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Pictures of Kanye West's "Thank God For Drugs" Album Covers Before it was Changed to "Yeezus", Leaks

Pictures of Kanye West's "Thank God For Drugs" album cover leaks. Kanye West's "Yeezus" Album Was Originally Titled to "Thank God For Drugs" According to his Designer.

Kanye West's Yeezus album was originally titled "Thank God For Drugs" according to his designer. The revelation shows just how much Kanye West's mindset changed in a short period of time.

Besides their incredible production quality, Kanye West albums were known outrageous concept album names. He once had an album titled "Good A** Job" before deciding to scrap the name.

Take a look at the video below that revealed this incredible tidbit of info to the world.

With all the recent drug related deaths in the music industry, his album would of definitely been receiving some backlash if he didn't end up scraping that album title. Instead now we have the legendary album named "Yeezus".

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