Pooh From Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is Crazy and Made the Show Fun, Fans Call It Most Boring Season Ever.

Pooh from Love and Hip Hop is undoubtedly one of the shows stars. Pooh, Love and hip hop, and Atlanta just go hand in hand with each other on the show. However, many people feel the cast made the most current season she was in, boring. Tweets like the one below have be seen all over social media.

This is the most boring season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Ain’t no drama whatsoever except Pooh following Karlie around town talking about she sh***** on her self. The rest of the stuff we don’t care about. Just bring Joseline back hell that’s why i started watching

Is this really the worse season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta ever? Everyone’s answer to that question may be a little different.