The President of Finland stared into the camera, like Jim Halpert on “The Office” show, during one of Donald Trump’s Meltdowns today. He seemed in total shock during the melt down rant. On “The Office”, Jim Halpert stared into the camera whenever he wanted to silently say “wtf”. Usually when Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute were saying something outlandish. It became an iconic part of the show. Fans of the show will attest to that.

The President of Finland looked into the camera flabbergasted, almost as if he couldn’t believe Donald Trump’s ranting. It looks exactly like how Jim Halpert used to do on “The Office”. A lot of people likened Donald Trump to a real life Michael Scott, maybe there was more truth to that comparison, than even they could of imagined. It was like a real life episode of “The Office”, a little bit nostalgia for fans of the show, since the show isn’t doing anymore seasons.

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