Prisoner Inmate Leaks Video of Dead Bodies from Coronavirus Being Taken to Tents Inside Jail. Hashtag # CONVID-19 Goes viral.

An inmate claims that people at his prison are being allowed to die from COVID-19, and he showed video proof calling the Jail cells “Death Cages”. The prisoner uses his camera phone to show a tent where guards carry the bodies of prisoners who die from coronavirus. The inmate claims Jails are purposely being depopulated with COVID-19.

You know the video is real, because the prisoner showed the open yard of prison complex, and you can see other prisoners in a line. He then zooms in on the tent, where he claims the bodies of coronavirus deaths are taken. During the video you can hear many people coughing.

Although some prisoners are being held for heinous crimes, they have legal rights too so this is a big problem. However, there are those people that will say “Why should we care” since they are criminals. It’s easy to understand the sentiment of both sides on this issue.

All in all we all need to stay safe from coronavirus, no matter where you are. Let’s hope those prisoners aren’t really being left to die, since they are human beings too.

Author: JordanThrilla