The Prosecutor recommended and wants 168 months in prison sentence for Mel Murda in trial. Mel Matrix was one of the individuals caught on Wiretapped phone call, discussing putting a hit on Tekashi 6IX9INE. He’s facing 14 years, similar to Shotti who got 15 years. Judging from that, Mel Matrix will probably get around 10 years.

The Tekashi69 trial, continues to be one of the most high profile cases ever, in terms of social media. While his sentencing is scheduled to be done early next year, 69 fans and his haters alike, continue to follow the case closely to hear each and every conviction. Tekashi 69 is expected to be looking at significantly less time, then the sentences of the others since he happily snitched. So knowing how many years the other defendants got, kind of helps his fans set a bar, for the amount of time Tekashi69 will get.

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