Protesters in Hong Kong burned and stomped Lebron James jerseys after his statements supporting China, and scolding Daryl Morey for his timing on Hong Kong comments. It was another sign of an international politic conflict becoming the forefront story of the upcoming NBA season. Conflict the NBA and Lebron James are literally caught in between.

In this situation, it’s almost as if the NBA has no friends in the battle. China has discontinued their relationship with NBA on all fronts allegedly, including not broadcasting their games anymore. Now you have Hong Kong also up in arms with the NBA, because of Lebron James comments. Some people would agree with part of Lebron’s statement, where he said it just doesn’t seem fair to the players to have comment on the matter at this point. There are many that say Lebron James is very wrong for seemingly supporting China in certain parts of his statements.

All in all, this is becoming a defining international cultural moment in NBA and world history. How this plays out, could sculpt the future of the NBA in some aspects. The question at the end of the day will be, what was more important pride or money?

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