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Pusha T almost Punches Wale in the Face thinking he is a Random Fan Rushing Stage during Concert 😂

Pusha T almost punched Wale in the Face, mistaking him for a random fan who was rushing the stage during his concert. Pusha T was squared up ready to fight him, jumped back and realizes who it is at the last moment . This isn't going to be a good look for Wale who always seems to be brunt of "trash" jokes among his haters. Also isn't a good look for Pusha T, because some might say Drake has him shook.

Is Wale really that washed up that other rappers don't even recognize him from random people anymore? Wale was seen dating a new "girlfriend" that looks like a young boy, so something must be up. In terms of Pusha T, someone got him looking real paranoid out here, and their name might be Drake. Wale's unwarranted rough rap career takes another embarrassing and unlucky hit. Pusha T seems like he keeps a constant eye over his shoulder his now.

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