Ravens Marlon Humphrey Tries to Choke out Odell Beckham Jr after he throws cheap shot Punch starting fight. Surprisingly the referee just watched it happen and didn’t call anything as Browns and Ravens player ran over to stop it. Odell Beckham said “I’m only mad I lost my earring” when asked about the fight after the game. While it does look really bad, in this case Odell Beckham actually provoked it, by trying to punch Marlon Humphrey before the choke happened.

This adds to a growing list of on the field scuffles Odell Beckham has seen to get in over the years. He seems to really know how to tick people off, which is a good and bad thing. Some people are saying he is the most hated NFL player in the league now. Odell Beckham finished the game with 20 yards and 2 catches, so he can’t brag about his on the field play in this one.

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