Remy Ma “says if something happens to you sexually and you want money for it that is prostitution” in Revolt TV Interview angering twitter social media. She says if a Woman is Raped and Seeks Settlement compensation it is Prostitution. She stated her disdain for women who are raped, and seek money for compensation, rather then immediately going to police and reporting. Clearly Remy Ma has a very narrow minded view, a very complex situation. Here where some of the most popular reactions on Twitter:

It’s clear her comments ticked a lot of people off. The real question is what would make Remy Ma, have the misguided point of view? Could be the fact that she has been to prison so many times and had to be tough to survive, has changed the way she thinks about thing? Or is she right, and people are overreacting because of her choice of wording?

One Twitter user alluded to her suffering from misogyny. By definition this would mean Remy Ma hates all women. Looking back, I can’t really think of any moments before this, that one could draw that conclusion from, but it could be highly likely. Women did cause a lot of problem in Remy Ma life, so their definitely could be some built up animosity. Surely Remy Ma, will have to release some sort of statement clearing up her words.

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