Republican Senator Martha McSally Releases Video of Herself Calling Manu Raju Ginobli A “Liberal Hack”, to double down on her comments.

When Sen. Martha McSally said “you’re a liberal hack”, to Manu Raju Ginobli she really meant it. She doubled down on her comments by posting the video incriminating herself, to prove to people she didn’t care what they thought.

It seems Martha McSally isn’t aware how unprofessional this makes her look. A reporter was asking simple questions respectfully, and she was disrespectful in return unwarranted.

This led to many tweets on social media explaining to her how she was wrong in the situation and looked like a crazy lady.

In this situation though, Senator Martha McSally is taking the brick wall route, and probably isn’t fazed by the backlash. Another day in the world of the never ending political warfare.

Author: JordanThrilla