Rihanna Curves Drake on Instagram Live for Being Thirsty and Trying To Flirt With Her.

Drake got Curved by Rihanna on IG Live. Rihanna told Drake to stop being thirsty during an Instagram Live session, after he tried to flirt with her in the comments. Rihanna shut Drake down and friend zoned him saying, “Give Drake some Water”.

Drake tried to laugh it off, but you could tell he was probably hurt. That “Give Drake some water” line from Rihanna was good enough to be part of a diss track.

Drake’s thirst level seemed to be at an all time high, but Rihanna seemed to cool it down really quick.

So many strange things have happened during the coronavirus quarantine, we never thought Rihanna telling Drake to stop being thirsty on Instagram Live would be one of them.

Author: JordanThrilla