We all know Jay Z has been in the news over his controversial new deal with NFL that will supposedly help their very big “diversity” problems. Whether it was kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police, or things that happened behind the scenes in the locker room, NFL has been on rocky grounds in terms of diversity.

To most people this doesn’t matter, and those people think Jay Z shouldn’t have inked a deal with the NFL. Apparently Rihanna is one of those people. Rihanna liked a viral Instagram Post where it described Jay Z decision to sign a deal with NFL “SHADY” and “WRONG”.

The Instagram post described how Jay Z spent the past year building the deal, while the NFL was actively preventing Colin Kaepernick from playing football. It also expounded on how Jay Z was communicating with Kaepernick throughout the year, all the while he was secretly discussing the new deal with NFL.

It definitely sounds like Jay Z made a wrong and shady decision in this case. We all know business is business, and Jay Z will probably say he made the business decision. Who is right and wrong in this situation is going to vary depending on who you ask. This may also all chalk up to Jay Z trying to be the first rapper to own an NFL team, and he sees the new deal as his route to accomplishing that.

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