Rihanna Still in Love and Trying to Get Back with Chris Brown using his Song in New IG Fenty Video with Prayer Hands and In Love Emoji. Rihanna is still in love with Chris Brown and proved it by using his song “Come Together” in her new Instagram Video post about her Fenty “Love” Lip Gloss line. An excited Chris Brown then posted her IG video on his Instagram account with to let the world know it was real.

Chris Brown and RiRi were once the “1st Couple” of Hip Hop and RnB. They were seen as a perfect match for each other. It all went South in one crazy night before an award show, where Chris Brown allegedly abused her. Since then, they communicated with each other on social media every now and again, letting people know they were still friends. There was never a direct love message between the two sent like this before.

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