Rihanna was born and raised in Jamaica and not Barbados according to a rumor spreading rapidly on social media. Visual evidence in the form of pictures of Rihanna walking in Jamaica during one of her secret visits to Jamaica was leaked. This led to “Rihanna is Jamaican” hashtag going viral in Jamaica and around the world as seen below.

While it may not seem like that big of deal to some people, this would be major news for the Caribbean community, and Rihanna fans alike. Rihanna’s heritage of being from Barbados was large part of her career and music style. It’s part of her core image that all her fans know. For her to be really from Jamaica, it would be like they never actually knew the true Rihanna. It could change the perception of how the music feels to them, knowing that her truth was never actually in it. For right now, it is still speculations with some alleged evidence, in time the truth should come out.