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Rockets Make Russell Westbrook Available for Trade at James Harden Request

Rockets Have Allegedly Made Russell Westbrook Available for Trade at James Harden Request.

Rockets are aggressively trying to trade Russell Westbrook at James Harden request according to a new report. This would mean Rockets have officially given up on the Westbrook and Harden project, after foolishly trading their most important player and leader Chris Paul.

Through the past few years we have seen James Harden choke in the playoffs and other players get blamed. This time it looks like Russell Westbrook is going to be made the scapegoat.

The real person that needs to be traded is the super overrated James Harden. Rockets seem stuck in their ways, and they will continue to falter in the playoffs led by James Harden.

It's deja vu for Russell Westbrook because he is getting the same treatment Chris Paul got.

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