Roddy Ricch Fans Accuse Justin Bieber of Phone Farming to Inflate His Fake Streaming Numbers, so he can Beat Roddy Rich “The Box” to #1 on Spotify.

Justin Bieber is being accused of phone farming after begging for streams, just so he can beat rapper Roddy Ricch to Number One on Spotify.

Phone farm operations are setup by major music labels where thousands to millions of phones are housed in one place, and used to replicate streams or clicks that appear to be coming from different users. In a large scale operation a music artist can rack up millions of fake streams daily in theory.

We know Justin Bieber was begging his fans to fake streams, so it’s not a stretch to think that he wouldn’t be against doing something like phone farming. He could now easily using the cover of “I told fans to help”, to hide the phone farming use.

When times get desperate, desperate people sometimes do desperate things. Maybe Justin Bieber was so desperate who broke his own morals in order to convey success to the world.

Or maybe Justin Bieber is creating new lane of “world wide” phone farming, where your fans are the farm.

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