Russell Wilson NARROWLY escapes a horrific knee injury while sliding on terrible Heinz field turf

Russell Wilson narrowly escaped a horrific knee injury while sliding on bad Heinz field turf during Steelers vs Seahawks. The sub par turf, has been the topic of discussion in many safety conversation. This incident paints a picture of why. Some people have went as far as to say, the football field at Heinz feels like a marsh. Notice how Russell Wilson foot plants into the field naturally, putting pressure on all the wrong places on his body.

Previously Heinz field staff, urged they were on a quest to improve the quality of the field. Their strategy included replacing some part of the sod on the field completely, along with resurfacing the top level of the turf. If these improvements were made efficiently, then a lot more needs to be done. Seattle Seahawks fans can't exhale if you were holding your breath, he did tweak his knee, but it wasn't serious.



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