Scientists Claim They Have Created the First Living Robots Ever with Living Cells.

Scientists claim they have built the first living robots ever, that are made up of living cells. Scientists allegedly used frog embryos, then used a supercomputer to program the embryo cells to do any task they wanted. They call the new life form “xenobots”, due to them being made from the Xenopus Laevis Frog embryos.

This is ground breaking because of the many uses robots like these could have. For example, they could be used to fight disease where you could program them to attack HIV cells. They could be programmed to clean clogs at sewer plants, that currently has to be done by scuba divers. They could be used to clean contaminants from the ocean. Robots like these could even be used to fix cars, by repairing them from the inside out.

Technology like this, is what could lead to cure for every disease in existence. With programmable living robots allegedly now a reality, the possibilities are endless.