Secret Footage From a Lebron James vs Michael Jordan Scrimmage One on One Emerges.

In the Early 2000’s Lebron James and Michael Jordan had a secret one on one scrimmage. The footage from this scrimmage has allegedly surfaced, and someone leaked a photo of the Lebron vs Jordan scrimmage as proof.

The photo from the scrimmage shows Lebron James wearing a white jersey with a red 136 jersey number, while Micheal Jordan dons a blue and white shirt and shorts.

Based on the photo it seems Jordan may have been schooling the young Lebron. Jordan had the look of confidence turning his back to Lebron, while he had the look of defeat.

Many people wondered what a one on one scrimmage between Lebron and Jordan would be like, apparently there is actual footage of this happening.

Author: JordanThrilla