Shaq Real Height Revealed for Not Being 7 Feet on Inside the NBA

Shaq Real Height Revealed on Inside the NBA.

Shaq is really 6' 11". On Inside the NBA the claim that Shaq isn't 7 feet was proven when he stood up against a measuring board, where his head was barely touching the 7 foot line.

Shaq had on shoes with at least a 2 inch sole, making him clearly under 7 feet and closer to 6 feet 11 inches. Inside the NBA was comparing his height to Rockets' starting 5.

Shaq's real height being only 6' 11" is a testament to how great he was. Many people thought he dominated cause he was 7 ft, but Shaq wasn't even 7 feet. He was actually dominating as a 6 foot something center.

We have seen many centers as tall as Shaq really is, and none of them ever come close to dominating like he did.

Thanks to Inside the NBA we now know the truth about Shaq's real height.

Author: JordanThrilla



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