Shocking Leaked audio of Patriots Owner Robert Kraft talking about Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick Feud on Wiretapped Phone Call, “Divisive” “Horrible.

Audio has just leaked via TMZ, of Patriots Owner Robert Kraft dissing Donald Trump supporting the NFL, and the things he was saying about Colin Kaapernick kneeling during the anthem. What he said might come as a shock to some people.

In public, it is widely known that Robert Kraft was an avid Trump Supporter, like their star quarterback Tom Brady. However, in this leaked audio it seems like he may not be as big a fan of Trump as everyone thought.

Robert Kraft talks about how he didn’t like Trump keeping the NFL’s name in his mouth, because of how divisive it was for them. Take a listen to the audio from TMZ, see if you’re as surprised as I was listening to it.

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