Kifano Jordan “Shotti” has filed for Appeal of his 15 Year Sentence in jail prison with US Court of Appeals, according to newly leaked court document, amid Tekashi 69 6IX9INE snitching. What does this mean for Tekashi69 case and testimony? It probably means Shotti Kifano Jordan’s legal team found a hole or loop hole in his testimony. Does this mean Shotti, has a chance to be a free man again? Probably not, but it could mean a 15 year sentence gets reduced to around 3 to 5 years. Meaning, he and Tekashi69, could possibly be getting out of jail at the same time now.

Tekashi69 implicate Shotti in court, in a large part of his testimony. Telling everything from secret code names, to the secret structure of 9 Trey Gang. He also alleged various serious crimes, were committed by Shotti. The timing of his appeal is very interesting, in regards to Tekashi testimony. Story is still developing.

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