Lebanon is on fire burning, and no state of emergency has been declared by the government there. Social Media and Twitter is crying for help. It is said to be the biggest wildfire the country has ever seen. Hashtag “Pray for Lebanon” has gone viral along with heartbreaking cries for help from citizens in the country. People living there say the government is broken, doesn’t have the budget, or the equipment to put the fire out in the heartbreaking cries for help on Twitter and social media. Some of them can be seen above.

The fire is spreading rapidly, and everyone lives there are in danger. It definitely looks like an emergency situation where international help is going to be needed to save the country. Wildfires like these are difficult for even the richest of countries to put out. We all saw the destruction of the wildfires in California which were much smaller than this fire in Lebanon. At the moment, all we can do is #PrayForLebanon