Sophia Body Disses Drake saying he Copies Every New Rapper’s Flow & Destroyed Toronto Caribana With OVOFest during radio interview.

Sophia Body is not a fan of Drake. Sophia Body went in on Drake calling him a leech during a radio interview. Sophia dissed Drake, and validated her sentiment by explaining what a lot of people feel.

Sophia Body says Drake is a leech, that steals from other rappers. She feels once Drake hears a new rapper’s flow, he steals it as his own gimmick to ride the wave. At the moment Drake is pretending to rap like someone from the UK. A few months ago he was pretending to rap and sing with a Jamaican accent.

While some people will disagree, it’s hard to argue that she doesn’t have a point. Drake surely does have a long history of copying people’s flow in cringe worthy fashion.