Space Jam Predicted 2020 NBA Season Being Suspended Because of Coronavirus.

The movie Space Jam predicted what would happen during the 2020 NBA season, with the coronavirus outbreak causing games to be cancelled. During a classic scene from the Space Jam movie, games are stopped because of an virus outbreak and everyone begins wearing gas masks.

The gas masks worn for the virus in Space Jam seem eerily similar to everyone wearing face masks now. They even metion the virus coming from 3,000 miles away in Space Jam, similar to the Coronavirus coming all the way from China allegedly. The man saying they have nothing to worry about, sounds like the people who think COVID-19 is being overblown by the media.

Usually we see The Simpsons predicting things, but to see Space Jam predict the 2020 NBA Season being suspended because of coronavirus so accurately, gives a much different feeling.

Yes this is likely just a huge coincidence, but it is still strange to see Space Jam predicting the coronavirus would shake up the season in this way.

The NBA season was suspended today after Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. This is what made this Space Jam scene instantly go viral.

Author: JordanThrilla