Ben Simmons has some serious explaining to do. Recently during the Japan vs Germany FIBA game, ‘Yokozuna’ Hakuho walked to the freethrow line, and made a free throw with ease. Sure it rattled in, but it went in nevertheless.

The crazy part is, his shooting form was decent, his follow through was there, and he walked off like he knew it was going in ????.

Lets Take a brief moment, to watch Ben Simmons take some free throws…

Ew, just ew. Everything looks wrong with that free throw brick. Low arc, bad follow throw, bad shooting form, list goes on. The Sumo Wrestler put a high arc on his freethrow, which is why it was able to rattle in. Ben Simmons shoots his freethrows flat, which is why it nastily bricked and missed off the back rim.

Ben Simmons has notoriously been stubborn about his shooting woes. When he is asked during interviews, he usually dances like a ballerina around the question. Then let’s face it, three seasons in, and it hasn’t improved at all. Hopefully Ben Simmons will reach out to ‘Yokozuna’ Hakuho for some free throw lessons. That’s if, he is serious about improving as a player ????

Author: JordanThrilla

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