Swae Lee's Ex Girlfriend Puts out a 20K Murder Hit on Him on Instagram and Swae Lee's Mom Responds

Swae Lee's Ex Girlfriend Marlie Puts out a $20K Murder Hit on Him on Instagram Live. Swae Lee's mom responds to his Ex girlfriend saying she will put a bullet in her head if Swae Lee is harmed.

Swae Lee's Ex Girlfriend Marlie is in hot water after she offered $20,000 to anyone that would murder him on IG live, making his mom respond with deadly threat. In one of the dumbest moves ever his ex put out a $20K hit on Swae Lee on social media for the world to see.

Swae Lee's Mom quickly responded with an equally dumb response, letting the world know he would retaliate by saying,

"If anybody touches my son I will bullet in your head myself".

Safe to say Swae Lee's ex girlfriend made a huge mistake coming at Swae Lee like that, because his mom is a true gangster and don't play that.

Swae Lee himself hasn't responded to the hit being put on him yet. Story is still developing.



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