Tay Roc Shows Stolen Snatched Dot Mob Chain on Twitter with a Purple Heart Emoji and Pure Disrespect

Tay Roc took to twitter to show a DotMob chain that was likely snatched or stolen during a robbery. He also added in the infamous purple heart emoji.

The purple heart emoji became popular during the Drake vs Kanye West beef. Drake sent Kanye West a purple heart emoji, likely as a sign of having evil intentions towards him. Kanye interpreted the purple heart emoji as a threat, and the beef was born.

In Tay Roc’s tweet he wrote “I might jus give it to Ave, Brizz called first dibs tho.. Decisions.. 11/23 “

It’s clear he was taunting Dot Mob. The question now is, if the chain was snatched and stolen, who from DotMob got robbed? Story is still developing.

Author JordanThrilla

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