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Tekashi 69 releasing "Snitching Anthem" Single? 6IX9INE fans don't care about street code? TDE Punch

TDE President Punch...

Tekashi 69 to release new snitch rap "Snitching Anthem" Single embracing snitching? 6IX9INE fans don't care about the "street code"? "Yea I told, now what?! Do something" the wave? TDE President Punch, seem to really think so, according to some recent tweets about Tekashi69 being a snitch. In the Tweet he says, "I could be wrong but I don’t think the kids who was/is really rocking with that kid’s music care ANYTHING about a street code. The ppl who were at his shows just want to rage and wild out and burn that energy off. It’ll go. Especially if he embraces the snitching like “yea I told, now what?! Do something!”.

Is he on to something? Are Tekashi69 fans, not real hip hop fans, but rather a fan of his "rage" style of music? Would he really be able to embrace snitching, without any repercussion? Also would he really get the same support from fans, as he did, when they thought of him as an ultra gangster rapper? Tekashi69, has a lot of enemies in the rap game, that alone would make it very tough for him to openly embrace the snitching, which implicated them. In terms of Tekashi 69 fans, I myself have seen true hip hop fans, that were Tekashi fans, with that said, it also could be very possible he actually has more fans, that are not fans of hiphop as a whole. At the end of the day, it remains to seen, how long Tekashi69 will be in jail, he could be an old man by the time he gets out, making all this null and void. Well, unless really old people take over hip hop years from now😂

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