If you thought Snitching would stop Tekashi 6IX9INE, you were wrong. Tekashi69 said has allegedly refused and said no to witness protection. Instead he plans to keep making music and released an album on November 23rd, which he announced on Instagram IG. It’s clear the snitching hasn’t phased his dedication to his rap career. Tekashi is banking on the loyalty of his fan base. Surprisingly, he developed a very strong fan base in a short amount time, while he was free. More likely than not, his album release is going to do major numbers. His Instagram post is now at over 1.6 million likes.

His fan support hasn’t faltered. Rather it seems to have grown even stronger. Is this the beginning of a completely different era in hip hop, where things that were looked down upon before, are now seen as irrelevant? Has the snitching made Tekashi69 most popular rapper alive? If it has, it would mark a sharp shift in the dynamic of hip hop. Some people would say it would be a positive change, while others might see it as sign that hip hop is shying completely away from the streets where it originated. If the album flops of course, then snitching remains a career killer for a “gangster” rapper.

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