Terrence Howard isn't crazy, just HIGHLY Enlightened by Einstein, Bose, and Newton proof inside👀

Some People think Terrence Howard is psycho and crazy, especially after his Emmy Red Carpet interview. The truth is he is just highly enlightened. He seems to have completely understood the works of Bose, Einstein, and Newton. He seems to have acquired a higher knowledge of how the world works down to neutrons and origins of the Flower of life itself. Take a look at some of his incredibly deep tweets over the years:

While on the surface, the comments may seem like the ramblings of a person going crazy, which is kind of funny, you have to look past that to see the true understanding in these tweets. Terrence Howard seems to be in touch with a part of the human mind, that is hard to access. However, most people aren't able to look past the surfaces leading to a lot comments like this one below on twitter:

So does Terrance Howard really need help? Or is he a highly enlightened human being that is misunderstood?



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