The Lebron James NBA 2k20 Cut Scene that is Hypocritical and Awkward after Statement Supporting China.

A Lebron James NBA 2k20 video game cut scene seems really hypocritical and awkward, after his statements supporting China. He says:

“I speak for those without a voice, people who grew up like I did poor without hope. Those people, those kids, they exist on every corner of the globe, and they’re all deserving of a chance.”

“When I first came into the league, I was trying to prove myself. I was all about ball.”

In the cut scene Lebron James talks about his obligation to stand for any group people who are being mistreated, or are suffering and don’t have a voice, and how he realized that was more important than his career through the years.

It seems hypocritical to some people, because now he is refusing to stand up for the citizens of Hong Kong being mistreated, because of his business interests with China.

Was it all a facade all along on Lebron James part? Or are Lebron’s statements being misunderstood?

Author: JordanThrilla