The Impressive Truth About Markelle Fultz’s Season So Far with the Magic, and how he has become one of the best shooters in the NBA.

Markelle Fultz first full season with Orlando Magic has been great so far, actually a better word is phenomenal. He was a historically bad shooter, and is now becoming one of the best shooters in the NBA. I know it’s sounds crazy, but in this article we will break down intricate stats that show how far he has come since his days battling what many called the “YIPS”.

If you go on twitter, you will see Magic fans posting videos like these, which are always met with skepticism saying it was just an anomaly. However, the stats say otherwise, and show Markelle is an even better shooter than he was as a collegiate player.

As a rookie Markelle Fultz shot 21% from 3-10 feet, 34% from 10-16 feet, 28% from 16 feet to 3 point range, and 0% from 3 point range and beyond. Those are really really bad shooting numbers for a point guard or shooting guard.

Now lets take a look at Markelle Fultz two seasons later in a Magic Uniform. So far this season he is shooting 48% from 3-10 feet, 40% from 10-16 feet, 45% from 16 feet to the 3 point line, 20% from 3 point range and beyond.

Sure some of his percentages are still low most notably his 3 point shooting, but 20% is still a lot better than 0%. In the other categories he has almost doubled his shooting percentages.

The stats show that Markelle Fultz is now one of the better mid range shooters in the league, a massive improvement from his other seasons where he was really bad from every area of the floor. At the rate he is going 2 years from now, he could be the best shooter in the league. If that happens watch out, because every other aspect of his game is already on par with Superstars in the NBA.

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