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The Way a TikToker Attempted to Prove All 2000 Billionaires are Evil People Goes Viral

TikTok is a popular social media platform where users can share short videos on various topics, from comedy to education. One of the most popular TikTok accounts is @thehistorywizard, who posts videos about history, politics and economics. In one of his recent videos, he attempted to prove that all billionaires are evil, using some interesting facts and arguments. Here is a summary of his video.

The Facts Behind the TikTok Conspiracy Theory that All 2000 Billionaires Are Evil People

First, he put the number a billion into perspective by explaining that one billion seconds is about 32 years, which meant that if you earned $1 dollar every second for 32 years, and didn’t spend any of it you would be a billionaire.

He went on to explain that if you earned $5000 a day from the time Columbus started his voyage in 1492, it would take you 527 years to earn a billion dollars. He mentioned those two facts to convey that it’s impossible to become a billionaire ethically, because it’s impossible to amass that amount of money solely through the value of your own labor.

He went on to say that this proves that to become a billionaire you have to “steal the labor of thousands if not millions of people”. To prove his point, he pulled stats showing that between 1979 and 2021, the average productivity of workers in the US has increased by 64.6%, and hourly pay has only increased by 17.3%, which could be interpreted as billionaires stealing 50% of the labor value of the average worker.

He went on to explain that a lot of the money billionaires have sit around in investment funds and stock portfolios, which provide nothing of value to society. He went on to prove his point further by providing stats showing that there are currently 582,000 homeless people, and more than 34 million food insecure households in the US.

He went on to show stats from the Department of Housing and Urban Development which shows that it would cost $20 billion dollars to end homelessness in the US. Currently there are 770 billionaires living in the US, which means if each billionaire donated $26 million they could end homelessness right now.

According to @thehistorywizard, all these facts prove that all billionaires are evil, and that we should tax them more, redistribute their wealth and create a more equitable society.

Now some people might say this can’t be true, because people like Lebron James are billionaires, and someone like him can’t be evil right? Then you think about how Lebron talked down on the average American when he lost the NBA Finals in 2011.

When talking about the people who criticized his poor performance against the Mavericks he said, “at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow, and have the same life that they had. They will have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live, and do the things that I want to do”.

Maybe all people who are billionaires do look down upon others, which is why they choose not help society. Elon Musk could end homeless today for the half the price he bought twitter. That’s sad to think about.

Do you think all 2000 billionaires are evil people?

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