A Tinder date gone wrong led to a roommate getting shot and man getting pistol whipped in home invasion robbery in Florida. A Miramar man invited a woman he met on Tinder to his apartment at Montclair Complex for a quarantine date. Shortly after his Tinder date arrived, police say two other men arrived at the apartment.

Police reports say a fight then took place where the two men pistol whipped the man who invited the woman he met on Tinder. and shot his roommate. What they thought was a tinder date was actually a setup for a home invasion robbery scheme.

It’s a story that shows the rare, but very real dangers of online dating. Luckily for the two victims this situation didn’t turn deadly. The roommate who was shot by the tinder date’s accomplices is expected to survive.

Pray for Earl Thomas and his wife Nina through this tough time.

Author: JordanThrilla