Maybe TLC’s Chilli was having a bad day. Or mabye it was because the fan included a picture of ex Usher. Chilli of TLC was not happy when a fan took to twitter saying that she looked like her, in which TLC Chilli responded back with a ether diss. The twitter fan said ” I get I look like chilli a lot what y’all think ? “. Chilli of TLC responded in a very mean way saying “Long straight/wavy hair n similar skin tone doesn’t mean u look like someone. Ur a doll but we don’t look alike:) “

Now I’m not sure if you have watched any television reality shows Chilli is on these days, but she usually seems like a reserved mellow person. She seems like the type of person who wouldn’t come at fan this way for saying something harmless. I’m going to chalk this one up to @BlessedupZ “Hooperz3” including a picture of Usher who TLC Chilli probably hates ????

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