Too Short looking TIRED and SICK after having First Child at age 53 years old in shocking photo 😲

In a recent Photo, Too Short looked very tired and sick after having his first child at age 53 years old. In the TMZ photo, Too Short is seen with swollen eye bags, flushed skin, and a dead look in his eyes from the stress of being a parent at really old age. From the look on the Hip Hop legends face, it's surprising he was even able to hold up his daughter in the photo.

Parenting is known to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world. To jump into it, at 53 years old, is quite the feat to attempt. Too Short seemed more than ready for the job, when he was talking about becoming a parent at such a late age, a few months ago. Congrats to Too Short on becoming a parent, it's a blessing. However, has parenting taken it's toll on the 53 year old Too Short already? From the looks of the photo, it definitely possibly might have. Story is still developing.



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