Trae Young is making people forget about Stephen Curry by taking his swag and playing better than him.

Trae Young has taken Stephen Curry’s point to heavens mannerism, the shimmy, the halfcourt bombs from the logo, and is playing at the same level in only his second year in the NBA.

Trae Young is making people forget about that guy named Stephen Curry by taking his swag and playing better than him while doing it. October 24, remember that date. It was day Trae Young let the world know he is better than Stephen Curry, at playing like Stephen Curry.

After Trae Young put up 38, 7, and 9, it’s clear he is going to be an All Star this season as well.

Just in case you need more evidence of Trae Young making sure that Stephen Curry becomes of afterthought, here is another incident of him taking Stephen Curry swag and doing it better.

If that isn’t enough here was an incident from the Preseason. If you didn’t look twice you would think that is Stephen Curry in his prime, hitting the half court buzzer beater, then doing his patented hand over heart then finger point to the heavens move.

With Warriors slowly fading away, and Trae Young impersonating Stephen Curry while playing better than him, by the end of the season when we think about halfcourt shots, points to the heavens, and the shimmy, it will be Trae Young that comes to mind.

Author: JordanThrilla

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