Twitter social media reacts, goes in, clowns Kanye West unveiling new “Yeezy Foam Runner” that looks like fake, rip off, bootleg Crocs. The shoes are runners, but look unsafe to run in. They will be released in 2020. Fans took to twitter to voice their displeasure with a series of memes and comments clowning the sneakers.

Kanye West is know for his unique styles of sneakers, so people were surprised when the Crocs look alike was announced. Some people even went as far as to say Kanye West had becoming lazy in the design aspect of his sneakers. Some people were saying, that his shoes are being made specifically to cut production costs, by being very cheap to reproduce for Adidas. At the moment, it would be hard to pass full judgement on “Yeezy Crocs” aka “Yeezy Foam Runners” shoes because they could just be unbelievably comfortable, to walk in at least. Story is developing ????

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