UFC Fighters Do the “Tony Ferguson Training Challenge” in Viral Videos.

When Tony Ferguson posted a video of his Mission Impossible training style the UFC world went crazy. Now the Tony Ferguson Training Challenge is sweeping the sport, as various UFC fighters have become inspired by his video.

First Take a look at Tony Ferguson training.

Now take a look at UFC Fighters Sean O’Malley, Chase Hooper, and Thiago Santos trying the “Tony Ferguson Training Challenge”.

You can see how tough the style of training is to do. It’s basically like high interval training, where you do a bunch of different exercises without resting between each set. In this case you have to do dangerous stunts as well.

Tony Ferguson has a history of getting injured before fights, and it could be due to his unique training style. Let’s hope these UFC fighters don’t hurt themselves doing the Tony Ferguson Challenge.

Author: JordanThrilla