Ugandan Imam Suspended After He Finds Out his Wife is Actually a Man, after He Gets Caught Stealing.

A Ugandan Muslim preacher named Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, was suspended after he found out his wife was a man, after he was caught stealing.

The story goes that the his “wife” was caught stealing from their neighbor, and when police caught her and did a search, they found a few things that revealed she was actually a he.

The man pretending to be his wife admitted to being a thief, that planned to take the Imam’s money through the marriage.

Due to the rules of being an Imam, Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba was suspended.

For him it was a double whammy. He got suspended and found out his wife was actually a man, all in the same day.

A story that may make you laugh, but it shouldn’t be ignored that seriousness of it.

Lets hope they can both find peace after this incident.