An Upcoming Rap artist IDONTKNOWJEFFERY admits to raping woman on first dates in Song during Concert. The controversial lyrics “You Scared to rape a b****, I can’t relate, Rape, Rape on the first f***ing date” have gone viral. The ignorance in the lyrics is definitely at the maximum, and there isn’t a single person who is happy about it.

Now, I’m not sure if he really meant the lyrics, or thought they just sound “cool”, either way the lyrics are uncalled for. At time where the #metoomovement is in full force because of women being put in unnecessarily uncomfortable situations, lyrics like these are something artists of any genre should shy away from. Now I don’t know Jeffery as person, just like his rap name, so my perception of him is going to based on hearing these terrible lyrics. Sure is going to get a lot of attention for saying these lyrics, but it won’t be good attention.

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