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VIDEO Amber Guyger found GUILTY of Murder of Botham Jean after Jury deliberation Judge Reads Verdict

Amber Guyger has been found Guilty of Murder of Botham Jean after Jury deliberation. Here is the video of Judge reading the verdict in court. Amber Guyer is a fire dallas plice officer who shot and killed 28 year Old Botham Jean in his own apartment. Justice seems to have been served.

Amber Guyger entered his apartment, and killed him claiming she thought he was an intruder. During her testimony, there were clear parts in her story that didn't add up, that made it clear, she was as oblivious to her location at the time as she wanted to make it seem. The Jury caught on, and was able to find her guilty of murder. Botham Jean family gets a little bit of peace on the matter now.

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